Friday, 1 May 2015


New app Uncover is a game changer

Many exclusive London’s restaurants are not only very pricey but booked up for months ahead. For ordinary person like me and you it is almost impossible to get in. Well, until now! This new app provides a way to eateries in the City by redistributing cancelled reservations. You also get a hand-picked list of London’s most desirable restaurants which suit your taste buds. Anybody with passion for great food and service will benefit from this app and it helps users to find and learn about all great places to eat all around the City. New mobile payments will be launch soon and it means diners could pay and split their bill through Uncover. And of course this app will be available in all the major foodie cities worldwide with the hottest restaurants listed. Free on iPhone

Best of the rest foodie apps: Bookatable, Urbanspoon, Vouchercloud, OpenTable and Deliverance. All of these apps are available on iPhone and Android for free.

Get it here

Friday, 27 March 2015

How do you like your coffee?

Hooked on your morning cup of coffee? Welcome in the club. Since you may feel a bit embarrassed to ask your local barista what those other coffees on the menu are, here is our quick guide to all sorts of coffees.

Ristretto - The first dribbles from a single shot - max strength, small and oily.  Take with a glass of water.  This will make your pupils spin!

Espresso - The full single shot dark black with a natural caramel 'crema' floating on top.

Americano - single shot of espresso topped with hot water... some put the water in first for better mixing - you decide. Often taken with cold milk. Sometimes also known as a longe not to be confused with a doppio which is of course a double shot espresso.

Macchiato - an Espresso with a blob of milk foam floating on top.

Flat white - a double shot espresso. The milk is prepared and knocked back to remove most of the air bubbles to create a smooth velvety texture and then slowly trickled into the espresso floating the crema to the top... good for artistic baristas.

Cappuccino - an espresso topped with the same volume of steamed milk and the same volume again of foamed milk froth.

Latte - as a cappuccino but the volume of steamed milk is greater and should have the velvety topping of a flat white rather than the froth of a cappuccino.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

New restaurant openings in London

New restaurant openings in London

There are new exciting restaurant openings heading our direction next month. Here are just few of the best picks. The wait is on!

Dalston, opening on 17th April 2015

Chick 'n' Sours is a local fried chicken shop with an exciting menu of herb fed fried chicken along with interesting and delicious sides, sour cocktails and beers and a soft serve ice cream point.

Fulham, opening April 2015

The Maze Grill opens in April 2015. Inspired by the grill rooms of Manhattan, the vibrant new 60-cover restaurant will offer the concept's signature rare breed steaks, fish and poultry from the Montague grill, alongside a vast selection of sushi and sashimi from a raw bar.

Soho, opening April 2015

There is a new addition to the organic hot dog food scene in London.  Diners will be able to choose their 'dog' - from classic veal & pork, beef or chicken (with vegetarian options too) as well as a bun - a choice of three - with approximately 9 hotdog choices on the menu including a classic caramelised onion finish, a Chicago Dog, a Kimchi dog and even a pulled pork and apple slaw dog. The Top Dog team also promises ice cream milkshakes, rapeseed-cooked fries and hand-made relish.

Covent Garden, re-opening  May 2015

Following a significant redesign, London’s iconic restaurant, The Ivy, has announced that it will re-open its doors in May 2015. Art, as in the past, will be an important point at The Ivy, with major commissions being installed by renowned British artists, as well as a range of pieces created by emerging names from the British art scene. What can we expect? A new menu that comprises Ivy staples alongside modern dishes with international influences, with a particular nod to Southern Europe and Asia.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Look like a true Londoner...

How to look like a true Londoner when visiting London

How to greet someone:
Greetings such as “Good morning/afternoon or evening” go long way in London. “Hello” is more informal, and appropriate in younger crowds when being introduced to someone or when meeting someone. Use your indoor voice when speaking, especially on public transport.

Dos and Dont’s:
It is a good idea to wear a hat. The weather can be unpredictable, and hats will protect you from rain, sun and wind while giving you a touch of Britishness.
Don’t bother carrying an umbrella. Opt for a trench coat and a hat, or simply a copy of today’s newspaper.
Don’t make eye contact on public transport. Londoners prefer it that way.

When to eat:
Good news is there are no fixed times for meals. Have a tea anytime you like and good afternoon tea will certainly fill you up more than enough.

Where to go:
The area of Marylebone is full of interesting, independent shops (incl. Daunt Books and the Conran shop) or browse books at John Sandoe in Chelsea. Watch a movie in one of the many independent cinemas also try the Lounge, a movie theatre where you can get a Rowley Leigh meal delivered to your seat. Londoners like visiting markets especially during weekends.

London’s dress code:
Relaxed yet stylish is the way to go in London!

We hope you find these rules useful and will have a wonderful time visiting London.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Take the cake!

Take the cake!

London is a city in love with cake. On every road a bakery, in every bakery a delicious, sugary treat – we just cannot get enough of it. And it is not all iced buns and Victoria sponges – we have baked goods from across the globe right here on our doorstep. Go on, treat yourself!

The ultimate classic

Glorious Victoria from Peggy Porschen
There will always be a place at the tea table for the sort of slice that demands chintzy crockery, cake forks and a china cup of loose-leaf Darjeeling. This pretty cafe sells huge slices of grandma-friendly layer cakes in classic flavours, and the glorious Victoria’s dusky pink buttercream is iced into swags fit for a palace.
 The address: 116 Ebury St, SW1W 9QQ

The ever-so chocolatey one

Devil’s Food Cake from Cocomaya
If you are loco for cocoa, there is only one thing that will hit your C-spot, and that a wedge of dense, moist chocolate cake. Cocomaya’s rich, thick layers of sponge are smothered in an icing that is just a tiny splash of cream away from pure chocolate. It is all whipped up with a token layer of shortbread biscuits for a hint of crunchy non-chocolate respite.
 The address: 12 Connaught St, W2 2AF

The cocktail cupcakes from Primrose Bakery

There is hardly a sweet treat around that is not improved with dash of something extra. Every Friday, this bakery combines cake mix and mixology to create a Cocktail Cupcake flavour. Try the delightful Peach Bellini, its buttery icing laced with sharp champagne and mellow fruity flavours.
The address: 69 Gloucester Avenue, NW1 8LD


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Quirky London's Cinemas

Quirky London's Cinemas

Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square
This is the only cinema in London where no one is going to ask you to be quiet. In fact, this experience is all about audience participation. Sing along or wear your favourite PJ for an all-night pyjama party.

Everyman in Belsize Park
If you like the smell of expensive leather and plush seats then this is the best place to watch a movie. So far, there are six venues across town, posh food and no sticky carpets around. Warning: you might get too cosy on the super-comfy seats.

Electric Cinema in Portobello
It is one of the oldest and lovelies cinemas in London. There are the front-row seats with six luxurious, velvet-lined double beds and you are welcome to warm yourself up with cashmere blankets, perfect for romantic date.

ArtHouse in Crouch End

This was branded as London’s Best Cinema by Time Out very recently. Since its opening in March 2014, it has been causing buzz and regulars say they love its friendly atmosphere. And popcorn costs just £1.75. Sold!

And let us know how you got on!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Day of indulgence in London

Let yourself go and indulge in one of London’s best locations either for a relaxing spa day or with day of pampering and taking that extra time out of your day, just for you and only you!

Spa London
Whether for a relaxing massage, scrub or a facial they have the thing for you.
Address: Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre, Adelaide Road, NW3 3NF

Luna & Curious
A splash out occasion or just a browse on 1000s of household items can be found here.
Address: 24-26 Calvert Avenue, E2 7JP

Tea Smith
A relaxing tea rooms in Spitalfields to be enjoyed with family and friends.
Address: 6 Lamb Street, E1 6EA

Reform Social & Grill
Afternoon tea, providing post-lunch items like steaks and a selection of wines.
Address: Mandeville Place, W1U 2BE

Hawksmoor Spitalfields
Indulging in the best steaks money can buy would be the best way to end a day full of luxury.
Address: 157 Commercial Street, E1 6BJ

The Berkeley Spa
Treatments and a swim with a view of Hyde Park what more can you want!
Address: The Berkeley, Wilton Place, SW1X 7RL

The ultimate jeans shop. Trail, fitting, altered, and you’re good to go.
Address: 22 Kensington Church Street, W8 4EP

The sky is truly the limit with what kind of indulgence day you set out and how far you’d like to take your day. It’s not every day we can use our time to ourselves and let go of all our worries, so take a stand today and enjoy the best of London’s indulging features!